Rehearsal Schedule

Prospective members are encouraged to come and observe. Call for band room location: 970-901-5366.

MCB Library

2022 Rehearsal Schedule

Date Rehearsal
Day Note
November 28, 2022 3 Monday Rehearsal
December 5, 2022 2 Monday Rehearsal
December 12, 2022 1 Monday Rehearsal
December 18, 2022 Concert Sunday Christmas Concert 3 p.m.
Patriotic Concert 3 p.m.
Percussion & helpers at MHS 1:00 to help percussion
Be ready to play at 1:45
Men: Long-sleeve black collared button front shirts, black pants, shoes and socks.
Women: Black dresses or pant suits, dresses no shorter than calf length with black stockings, sleeves no shorter than a standard short sleeve (not cap sleeves) or same uniform as men.
Red or Green accents encouraged.